Setting up the Project

Click here to access the Setting up the Project section of the Post-Award Sponsored Projects Guide, page 20.

Setting up the Project

A separate project is established for each award. Each project will bear a unique PeopleSoft number assigned by the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting. This information is sent to the Principal Investigator and other administrative personnel at the time of award set up. OCGA personnel enter the PeopleSoft Project ID in the Account ID field of the associated Kuali award.

Award terms may necessitate the need to establish multiple project numbers under one award.  These include:

  • Multiple F&A rates
    • Participant Support Costs
  • Requirements for carry-forward approval
  • Award terms contain task order requirements
  • There are multiple PIs with separate budgets.


The issuance of the project number is a form of credit line against which the Principal Investigator may charge obligations and expenditures without concern for sponsor payments and cash flow considerations. Sponsoring agencies most often do not pay the University until expenditures are incurred and invoices are submitted to the agency by the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting.

Once the project has been established spending may begin against the awarded funds.  Grant Financial Summaries and Grant Detail Reports are available in PeopleSoft to the Principal Investigator departmental personnel. These financial statements show the status of the project. The PI is expected to keep sufficient internal records to control expenditures, particularly those budgetary lines which may not be exceeded without prior approval.