Award Transfers

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Award Transfers

To Another Institution

A Principal Investigator who is transferring to another institution may wish to continue his or her sponsored research projects there. Steps are initiated to transfer the grant or contract only upon concurrence of the Department Chair and the Dean of the College.

Permission must be obtained from the sponsoring agency for such transfers (transfers are by no means automatically granted by all sponsors) and arrangements must be processed through OSP. Transfers are generally at the discretion of the University. Since sponsored awards are made to the University of Maryland Baltimore County (not to individual Principal Investigators), there may be instances in which the Campus may elect to retain a project and nominate an alternate Principal Investigator; this also requires agency approval.

From Another Institution

A faculty member coming from another institution who will be appointed to UMBC may have a sponsored project he or she wishes to transfer here. Such a transfer requires the home institution’s approval in addition to the approval of the sponsoring agency. A new proposal (or the revised original) with new budgetary information must then be processed at the University of Maryland Baltimore County through the normal routing and approval cycle, prior to submission to the sponsoring agency.