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With few exceptions, every sponsored project will require a number of reports during the life of the project and most certainly at its conclusion. Every Principal Investigator should be prepared to submit a final technical report at the very least. The importance of the submission of such a report on a timely basis cannot be overstated. In a grant or contract arrangement, unlike a gift, the sponsor expects and deserves to be informed of results. Negligence by the Principal Investigator may substantially impact his or her (and the University’s) ability to receive other support from the sponsor; it will also result in a loss of payment to the University for costs already incurred. Such losses could become a liability chargeable to the department and college.

In addition to the technical report(s), other reports may be required relating to fiscal data, voucher/invoice submissions and assignment and releases.  These reports are the responsibility of the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting.  While the exact deadline for submitting the report is agency specific, the typical range for submission of final reports is either 30, 60 or 90 days after the project end date.  To ensure compliance with these sponsored award established fiscal deadlines, OCGA requests a final expenditure certification from the PI or designee 15 days prior to the required submission date of the final financial report/invoice.  For example:

Final Financial Invoice/Report due to sponsor after end of award period

Final Financial Certification due to OCGA after end of award period

30 days

15 days

60 days

45 days

90 days

75 days


Certification may be in the form of an email or via the Final Expenditure Certification Template for Departments on OCGA’s website.  Many interim technical reports also require financial data.  Coordinate with the assigned OCGA grant accountant to obtain this financial information.

Statements of Inventions will be coordinated through the Office of Technology Commercialization with PI input.  Equipment accountability will be coordinated through OSP and Inventory Control, with the Principal Investigator’s input.